Took off my shoes and my socks and I ran through the snow to the center of town I left long ago. Frost bite on my ankles and I don't care! Got some shit on my mind that I wanna share. I know where I'm going cause I know where I've been. X

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matt healy broke my heart tonight.
something about him. something about his funny little drunken stumbling floppy soul. something about the way he addressed the crowd. asked us all to confirm that the majority of us had only ever seen him and his band through a screen and that, for just one song, he’d like us to all put our phones and cameras away. that is really really really means a lot to him that we do, just for this song. something about the way he turned away from the crowd to say “this song is about me anyway, so shut up” before swigging more wine. the way he shooshed the crowed when the music started and they began to sing along. he took himself and his wine bottle to the amp on the side of the stage, crumbled into himself and sung Me. it was such a stunning image though, that i had to capture it. I’m sorry, matty, but it was too beautiful. too childlike and broken. once the break down hit in the song, he stood back up and told everyone that, okay, if you have a phone, you can get it back out now, and you can turn the lights on and turn the place into the fucking sky, or something. then he just kind of stood and observed for a bit while everyone did. it must have looked amazing from where he was. it must have felt amazing knowing it was all for him. 
he really makes me worry though, about how much of it is for show, and how much of it is art imitating life. 

i feel like i have to show this to my parents before the concert